Primary cultures of mice proximal tubular cells

Proximal tubular cells are isolated by magnetic sorting coupled with microbeads-conjugated anti-Prominin-1 antibodies. Prominin-1 colocalizes with Megalin in normal and pathological kidneys.

Proximal tubular cells are well-differentiated and keep a proliferative potential after dozens of passages in culture.

Interest / Relevance: Good model for in vitro experiments on the proximal tubule, with the possibility of obtaining primary cell cultures from any mouse strain, including genetically modified animals (upon request).rnproximal tubular injury (schema-reperfusion, toxicants..)
Keywords: Proximal tubule , Primary culture
Scientist's name: Pierre GALICHON
Sophie Vandermeersch
Legouis D Bataille A Hertig A Vandermeersch S Simon N Rondeau E Galichon P (2015) Ex vivo analysis of renal proximal tubular cells. BMC Cell Biology 16(1):12



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Organism: Mus musculus
Tissue: Kidney
Passage Number: 1-30
Culture Medium: The composition or the medium itself is provided with the cells.
Growth Properties: Proliferative potential remains after 30 passages
Rare disease: No
Last update: 08/07/2024

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