Ualh cell line

UALH were generated by transfection of osteocarcinoma cancer U2OS cells with the (ARE-RAD9)6-collagenase-Luciferase-SV40-hygromycin plasmid. rnThe plasmid (ARE RAD9)6-Coll-Luc-SVNeo contains a luciferase gene driven by the mouse mammary tumor virus promoter and a neomycin phosphotransferase gene under the control of SV40 promoter. rn

Interest / Relevance: These cells are a negative control cell line for measurement of nuclear receptor activity.
Keywords: Luciferase, pharmaceutical and environmental androgens
Scientist's name: Patrick BALAGUER
Patrick Balaguer
Dellal H Boulahtouf A Alaterre E Cuenant A Grimaldi M Bourguet W Gongora C Balaguer P* Pourquier P.* High content screening using new U2OS reporter cell models identifies harmol hydrochloride as a selective and competitive antagonist of the androgen receptor. Cells 2020 9: 1469.

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