Highly differentiated human hepatocytes in primary culture

Hepatocytes are isolated from human liver and cultured in a system that allows to maintain a highly differentiated phenotype for several weeks. In these conditions, hepatocytes are sensitive to hepatitis C virus infection and permissive to viral genome replication.

Interest / Relevance: These cultures can be used to investigate: drug metabolism, drug toxicity, drug side effects, drug-mediate induction or inhibition of metabolism.
These cultures can be used as well for the screening of hepatitis C virus inhibitors.
More generally, these cultures can be used for investigating any aspect of liver physiopathology.
Keywords: hepatocyte, drug metabolism, HCV
Scientist's name: Patrick MAUREL
Martine Daujat-Chavanieu, Sabine Gerbal-Chaloin, Lydiane Pichard-Garcia, Cédric Duret



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Patrick MAUREL
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Last update: 05/12/2019

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