Hg5ln gal4-hppar beta/delta cell line

HG5LN were generated by transfection of cervical cancer HeLa cells with the (GAL4RE)5-betaGlobin-Luciferase-SV40-Neomycin plasmid. HG5LN GAL4-hPPAR beta/delta cells were generated by transfection of HG5LN cells with the plasmid pSG5-GAL4-human PPAR beta/delta-puromycin. The plasmid (GAL4RE)5-betaGlob-Luc-SVNeo contains a luciferase gene driven by a pentamer of yeast activator GAL4 binding sites in front of beta-globin promoter and a neomycin phosphotransferase gene under the control of SV40 promoter. The pSG5-puro plasmid pSG5-human GAL4-hPPAR beta/delta -puromycin enables to express the DNA binding domain of the yeast activator GAL4 (GAL4 DBD) followed by the ligand binding domain of the human peroxisome proliferator activated receptor receptor beta/delta (hPPAR beta/delta LBD). Puromycin N-acetyl transferase selection marker expression confers resistance to puromycin.

Interest / Relevance: These cells enable to measure the hPPAR beta/delta activity (full and partial agonism, antagonism) of pharmaceuticals (metabolic diseases), environmental compounds (bisphenols).
These cells enable to measure the hPPAR beta/delta activity of environmental (water, sediments), human (blood, urine adipose tissue) or food (water, vegetables, meat) samples.
GW501516 EC50 1.8 nM
Keywords: hPPAR beta/delta, luciferase, pharmaceutical and environmental chemicals
Scientist's name: Patrick BALAGUER
Patrick Balaguer

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