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Anti-Nectin-4 monoclonal antibodies

The present invention relates to a new antibody anti-nectin-4. Nectin-4 is a tumor-associated antigen overexpressed in several cancers and notably in 30%, 49% and 86% of breast, ovarian and lung carcinomas, respectively, which are tumors of bad prognosis. Treatments remain still elusive. That’s why the inventors developed a new targeted therapy based on an antibody having specificity to nectin-4 (called 14A5.2 mab). Indeed, the inventors selected this antibody for its intrinsic prophylactic anti-metastatic properties and also for the treatment of localized primary and metastatic cancer. More, the 14A5.2 mab could be indicated for the treatment of cancer resistant to ASG-22ME (from Astellas company). Thus, the invention relates to the 14A5.2 mab and its uses thereof.

Keywords : Tumor Associated Antigen, breast, ovarian, lung, bladder cancers,carcinomas ,
Patent Application number : EP15306370.6
Patent Application date : 2015-09-09
Multidisciplinary field : -
Technology/Engineering : -
Technological Platform : -
Rare disease : -
Second indication : -
Inventors : Marc LOPEZ
Daniel OLIVE
Publications :
  • Ann Oncol. 2017 Apr 1;28(4):769-776. doi: 10.1093/annonc/mdw678

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