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A CLEC12B antagonist for treating hyperpigmentation disorders

The present invention relates to a method for treating hyperpigmentary skin disorder. By using normal human melanocytes (NHMs) and normal human keratinocytes (NHKs), which are infected with CLEC12B siRNA/shRNA/RNAi lentiviral particles, inventors have showed that decreasing CLEC12B expression significantly reduce the transfer of melanin to the keratinocytes. These results demonstrate that CLEC12B is specifically expressed in the skin by melanocytes and plays a key role in the transfer or melanosomes to the keratinocytes. Accordingly, the invention relates to a method for treating hyperpigmentary skin disorder in a subject in need thereof comprising a step of administering to said subject a therapeutically effective amount of a CLEC12B antagonist, wherein CLEC12B antagonist is polypeptide, more particularly a decoy.

Keywords : CLEC12B, dermatology, Vitiligo, Peptide
Patent Application number : EP17 305 681.3
Patent Application date : 2017-06-08
Multidisciplinary field : -
Technology/Engineering : -
Technological Platform : -
Rare disease : -
Second indication : -
Inventors : Laura SORMANI LE BOURHIS
Publications : -

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