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Use of Polydextrose for the treatment of IBD and other inflammatory diseases

The gut microbiota has emerged as a central factor affecting human health and disease, and inflammatory diseases are no exception. The potential role of the gut in the pathophysiology of inflammatory diseases has recently begun to attract increased attention. The […]


Lymphotoxin alpha regulates the immunosuppressive functions of Regulatory T cells

The present invention relates to regulatory T cell and uses thereof. By their immunosuppressive and anti-inflammatory activities, regulatory T cells play a central role in peripheral tolerance and thus critically prevent the development of autoimmune and inflammatory disorders. The inventors […]


Specific T cell subpopulation for diagnosis, prognosis, risk prediction and treatment of IBD

The invention relates to a method comprising a step of determining the number, concentration and/or proportion of T lymphocytes with a CD4+ CD8ααlow phenotype and further expressing CCR6 and/or CXCR6, for (i) diagnosing, (ii) prognosing outcome of, or (iii) predicting […]

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