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You want access to an innovative offer which is based on the excellence of Inserm, the leading academic research and clinical institute dedicated to human health in Europe? Find out our technologies offers of patents and research tools: here is a sample of our patents.

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Primary cultures of mice proximal tubular cells

Proximal tubular cells are isolated by magnetic sorting coupled with microbeads-conjugated anti-Prominin-1 antibodies. Prominin-1 colocalizes with […]

Technique to isolate live renal proximal tubular cells from any mouse

We isolate renal proximal tubular cells using the proximal tubular marker Prominin-1. We use a 4°C, enzyme free protocole allowing high quality […]

Urinary peptidome analysis

In collaboration with Mosaiques Diagnostics we can analyse biofluid proteomes for your needs using capillary electrophoresis coupled to mass […]

Animal models of fibrosis

UUO: This model is induced in mice or rats by unilateral ureteral ligation (UUO) of the left ureter. The animals rapidly develop, within a few days, […]

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