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Real time no measurement

Real time constant amperometric detection of NO in tissues/cells. This gaseous neurotransmitter has a very short half-life (*5 s) and is usually […]

Establishment of redifferentiated cells after treatment of neoplastic

When undifferentiated, invasive neoplastic cell lines are treated with an optimal time / concentration combination of curcumin (under conditions […]

Profiling blood lymphocytes reactivity against cancer cells

In vitro trogocytosis of PKH67-stained cancer cells as a measure of their interactions with bulks of PBMC from patients. This profiling give the […]

Three-dimensional multicellular spheroid cultures

When culture in suspension many mammalian cell types can aggregate into 3D-spheroids. These multicellular cultures mimic real tissues or tumours and […]

Highly differentiated human hepatocytes in primary culture

Hepatocytes are isolated from human liver and cultured in a system that allows to maintain a highly differentiated phenotype for several weeks. In […]

Ex vivo culture system for screening compounds targeting

A novel, ex vivo niche-based hypoxic culture system for maintaining Leukaemia Initiating Cells (LICs) from patients and an associated method to […]

Staining of human tissues for multi-color confocal microscopy analysis

This proposition describes a technique that allowed us to successfully stain human tissues with fluorochrome labelled antibodies for confocal and […]

Technique to isolate live renal proximal tubular cells from any mouse

We isolate renal proximal tubular cells using the proximal tubular marker Prominin-1. We use a 4°C, enzyme free protocole allowing high quality […]

3d cell omics – clinical proteomics platform

For your Clinical investigations, they propose to apply 3D culture cell methods to further your knowledge of disease, pathways, targets and drugs […]

Urinary peptidome analysis

In collaboration with Mosaiques Diagnostics we can analyse biofluid proteomes for your needs using capillary electrophoresis coupled to mass […]

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