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Vdac1 inhibition for the treatment of peripheral demyelination

Here the inventors show, using in vivo imaging and viral approaches, that calcium released by mitochondrial VDAC1 directly induces Schwann cell […]

Use of inhibitors of phosphatase activity of soluble epoxide for the

The growing prevalence of obesity and type 2 diabetes complicates risk and clinical management by potentiating and/or exacerbating hypertension, […]

Use of pi3kc2¿ inhibitors for the preservation of vascular

Ischemic conditions are a leading cause of death for both men and women. Ischemia, a condition characterized by reduced blood flow and oxygen to an […]

Methods and compositions for treating liver disesases

The present invention relates to a method for treating a subject suffering from a liver disease comprising a step of administering said subject with a […]

Sphingosine kinase 2 inhibitors in combination with immune checkpoint

Immune checkpoint blockade therapy is based on the inhibition of the tumor-mediated suppression of anticancer immune responses. However, the efficacy […]

Antagonists of il-33 for use in methods for preventing ischemia

Inflammation is a prominent feature of ischemia-reperfusion injury (IRI) characterized by leukocyte infiltration and renal tubular injury. However, […]

Slitrk6 as a target for cancers associated with activation of the mapk

The response of subjects suffering from cancer to MAPK inhibitors is dramatically impaired by secondary resistances and rapid relapse. So far, the […]

Novel target candidate for the prevention and treatment of respiratory

The present invention relates to methods and pharmaceutical compositions for the prevention and treatment of respiratory bacterial infections and more […]

Apelin for the treatment of type 2 diabetes

Use of Apelin in humans has a positive effect on insulin sensitivity with a good tolerance and a good safety. Thus, a first object of the invention […]

Methods for the diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal stromal

The present invention relates to the diagnosis of gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GISTs). The present invention also relates to methods and […]

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