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You want access to an innovative offer which is based on the excellence of Inserm, the leading academic research and clinical institute dedicated to human health in Europe? Find out our technologies offers of patents and research tools: here is a sample of our patents.

Histone chaperone hira inhibitor for treating hepatitis b virus

The present invention concerns an inhibitor for use for preventing and/or treating an infection with hepatitis B virus (HBV) and an in vitro screening […]

Recombinant flagellin for preventing and treating

The present invention relates to the use of an optimized truncated flagellin (TLR5 agonist devoided of toxic effect) for preventing or treating […]

Ptgdrs, cxcr4 and basophils in systemic lupus erythematosus

The present invention relates to PTGDRs, CXCR4 and Basophils to treat in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. In particular, the present invention concerns a […]

Il15 antagonist to treat inflammation

The present relates to interleukin 15 (IL-15) antagonists and uses thereof, in particular for the treatment of autoimmune diseases and inflammatory […]

Mutated strain for the development of attenuated vaccine against zika

The present invention relates to a genomic sequences encoding for an attenuated mutant Zika virus. The inventors have introduced some specific […]

Nlrp6 supports diurnal oscillation of host-microbiota interactions

The present invention relates to the treatment of microbiome dysregulations. Said dysregulations may subsequently contribute to the development of […]

Prophylactic hiv vaccine

The invention relates to mAb based chimeric proteins allowing direct in-vivo targeting of antigens to the dendritic cells. GMP manufacturing of a […]

Fonctionalized microparticules as vaccination adjuvant and ag vector

The invention relates to microparticules fonctionalized with alphagalactosylceramide for sustained iNKT cell activation. Delivering of […]

Antibodies specific to glycoprotein (gp) of ebolavirus and uses for

The present invention relates to antibodies or fragments thereof that specifically bind to glycoprotein (GP) of Ebola virus, and to their use for […]

Ex-vivo active immunotherapy against infectious diseases and tumoral

The present invention concerns lentiviral vectors enabling the expression of membrane-anchored and secreted antibodies by B cells. This invention […]

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