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Tagged leptin receptors hek293t cells

Hek293T cells were transfected with short form human leptin receptors (OBR) tagged individually with either Rluc (pIRESpuro3, Clontech) or YFP […]

Conditional bioluminescent tmp3-alk cell line

Overexpression and activation of TMP3-ALK tyrosine kinase fusion protein is a causal oncogenic event in the development of Anaplastic Large Cell […]

Primary cultures of mice proximal tubular cells

Proximal tubular cells are isolated by magnetic sorting coupled with microbeads-conjugated anti-Prominin-1 antibodies. Prominin-1 colocalizes with […]

D3h2ln-at2 human invasive breast cancer cell line expressing the human

D3H2LN-AT2 cell line stably expressing firefly luciferase, GFP and Flagged human AT2 receptor. Empty vector infected cell line is also available. […]

Cpt1 expressing yeast strains

Saccharomyces cerevisiae expressing under the GAL promoter either the wild-type rat liver CPT1, mutated rat liver CPT1 or chimeric CPT. CPT1A activity […]

Ht29-mtx cells : intestinal model of goblet cells

HT29MTX10-6, HT29MTX10-5 and HT29MTX10-4 cell populations were isolated from the colon cancer cell line by stepwise adaptation to 10-6 M and 10-5 M […]

Rbl-2h3 rat mast cell line : in vitro degranulation assay for

Rat mast cell line (RBL-2H3) transfected with the cDNAs encoding the three subunits (alpha, beta, gamma) of the human high affinity IgE receptor. The […]

Stable human prolactin receptor ba/f3 cell

Ba/F3 cells are mouse pro-B lymphocytes that are dependent on IL-3 for survival/growth. We stably transfeted them with expression vector encoding the […]

Hek 293 cells expressing human prolactin receptor and lhre-lucifease

This stable clone of HEK 293 cells has stably incorporated the sequence encoding the long isoform of the human prolactin receptor and a […]

Heln er alpha cell line

Cervical cancer cell line HeLa (ER negative) firstly transfected by a luciferase firefly gene under the control of an estrogen responsive element […]

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